610: iPad Workflows

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(Posted this one a few days early to clear Apple’s event on Monday)


Release it now!!! Please!!!

He did. I’ve got it all queued up in Overcast right now.


I take it back… I was too hasty!

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The Tandy WP-2 word processor looks and sounds a lot like the Model 100 from a few years earlier.

We used those to file stories when I worked on daily newspapers in the 1980s. When city council meetings ended, I would park myself in the lobby of the municipal building, prop the back of the computer on a couple of pencil stubs on a countertop to achieve a nice keyboard angle, write my article then and there, and send it over a pay phone using an acoustic coupler modem. In the mid 80s I needed a lot of quarters to feed the payphone, but by the end of the decade that pay phone was taking credit cards.

Then I’d hop in my car and drive back to the office. During the 45 minute drive, my editors would have time to edit the story, and I could do revisions from the newsroom.

Then, like a proper journalist, I would adjourn to a bar.