614: The 2021 MPU Gift Guide

Looks more like a lightsaber to me not gonna lie :rofl:

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Ah, the elucid brown kyber crystal…

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This Levo reading stand has proven quite helpful.

It’s on wheel so you can move it.

I attached 4 magnets on the back side and metal pads on the back of my iPad case and it attaches nicely.

For my daughter’s ballet class she would fold her Chromebook over it and was off to the races.

It also comes w Velcro corner pieces so you can mount anything.

AfterShokz Bone conduction Bluetooth headset.

I forget I have it on, it’s so comfortable.

I really purchased it for when I was riding my bike as you can hear the sounds but also be aware of what’s around you.

Now I put it on first thing in the morning and take it off last night.

My only complaint as well as supports multipoint it doesn’t do so very eloquently, you have to futz with it, if you want to replace one of the two devices it is paired with.

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I had to call the local sheriff’s office earlier this week (wildlife issue) and the two deputies who showed up were both, to my surprise, carrying full size LED MagLITEs. The combination of D cells and LED light seems very weird to me but there’s an audience for it. Maybe the only one.


This episode has me wondering how many Star Wars ornaments @MacSparky has on his tree. We had “a few” (okay - all of them) when my spouse’s son still believed in the holiday.

Here’s a testimonial for the XL Hide-A-Squirrel.


Battery lifespan could be a big deal there. Also, the police departments have a pretty long history of using those lights - so many accessories, belt holders, etc. would be designed around them.

There are also some pretty nice LED conversion heads for Maglite if that’s your jam. They’d just be a rather weird and expensive choice for an average person who wanted a flashlight. :slight_smile:

Just occurred to me that @MacSparky and @ismh are kinda like the Joneses, virtually.

re: Bihn straps - I have managed to end up with quite the assortment of extra straps lately, usually because products come with really basic straps, and I end up buying much fancier holders. By next week I’ll be carrying my new camera/lens combo and a pair of binoculars looking like a SWAT team member. It’s for birding…but, Bihn has an insane collection of little clips and straps for connecting just about anything and everything. It’s a real rabbit hole:

(click the ‘part’ menu on the right)

Maglite has nine pages of LED lights. They are pricey, but they aren’t really aiming for the nerd market…

Thanks for the recommendation of the Mezzo backpack from Waterfield. I was thinking of getting the larger version, the Pro Executive Backpack for work. Now I’m wondering if the Mezzo is large enough and the Pro is too big! I have given Waterfield A LOT of money because of this community, and I have not regretted one purchase.

Hi David, Yes they were popular, I owned one myself. I much suspect it’s still around here somewhere in a drawer.

Thank you for the great post! I’m buying a couple of the keychain lights to add to some gifts.

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Not entirely. They are nice and heavy and function as a personal protection device especially at night with recalcitrant rams. A good thunk on the head changes their attitude to the point that most of htem see the light and stay away from me. The ones that don’t end up being dinner.

Actually no tree but these are our Star Wars Ornaments. They are made from okra pods.

okay I give up They pictures re proper when I look at them, how do I tell the forum to display them vertically like they were shot?

Actually @MacSparky needs a set of these Star Wars pins from Disneyland. And the picture is missing the one that is green snowflake Yoda heads.

Our dogs would destroy that in about 1 minute max. However, I should get it for my husband after his death to squirrels success in his ever vigilant protection of our garden. He managed to get 27 of them this year. :wink


Wow. Those are seriously cute. I’m not a fan of okra but it was a childhood staple for my spouse. She’ll be inspired. Thanks!

We had to stop getting these when we got a new dog who is, as we like to say, a charter member of the “destructor club.” But for the right dog they’re amazing. They were a lifetime favorite of the pictured dog.

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I have a mag light for the car and modern LED lights everywhere else where I need something pocket sized. I mostly have the mag light for nostalgia and the weapon in a pinch as you put it.


Saw this and immediately thought of @MacSparky and the other Star Wars fans…
:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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