615: The Clipboard Manager Roundup

I was a little disappointed in the iOS clipboard managment options. Are Yoink & Paste the main “top-tier” options available?

I remember seeing several reviewd over the years on MacStories, including Clips, Command-C, Copied, and Pstebot. But it seems that several of these have quit working and/or seemed to have stopped development, so I was looking forward to more recommendations.

Paste has been my “work” clipboard manager for years. But, if there aren’t many alternatives, I’ll have to revisit my work/personal separation.

Thanks for the show!

It’s a giant category of apps, and honestly, I didn’t come across either of those, but we’ll touch on them in the next feedback episode.

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Copy’Em is available on iOS, too.

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I also want to thank @MacSparky and @ismh for this episode. This comes out at the right time and I am hoping that there may be some good deal on CyberMonday. I am on a 2w trial for Paste. Like it so far

Just wondering how the family plan in Paste works compares to Apple App store family plan, getting confused there. Does it mean that family can share clipboards to each other ? Can it be selective share or all or none ?


You can share Paste’s data between your devices using iCloud, but there isn’t currently a way to share data with other people. If you subscribe to Paste using an in-app purchase, it looks like other people in your Family Sharing family can use Paste (just not share data);.

these are the wordings that got me confused

Got it. It looks like you can share the subscription through Family Sharing, but not the data.

Finding a clipboard manager has been on my to-do list, but I work exclusively on my iPad and there just aren’t as many options.

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I really enjoyed this episode. I use Alfred, and now I’m trying to make more use of its clipboard function. I remember that Stephen mentioned he has an Alfred command “cb” that will bring up the clipboard. I’ve been trying to add a workflow that does this - but the solution eludes me! Any suggestions on how to call up the clipboard with “cmd-space”, then “cb”?

In Alfred Preferences, Features > Clipboard History. There you can change Viewer Keyword to cb. You can also set a shortcut to go straight to the clipboard viewer. I believe it ships out of the box with something like cmd+opt+j. I’m a cmd+shift+k man, myself…

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Got it! Many thanks, cornchip. :slight_smile:


What have people used as a clipboard manager for iOS?

Having just got Paste - thanks to this episode - I noticed Paste Stack. But what does it actually do?

Coincidentally I was just about to experiment with %PastClipboard% tokens in Keyboard Maestro to automate filling in a template.

I wonder if this is similar.

(I also have used Yoink for a long time and need to junk the now tumbleweed-strewn Copied.)

I still want a clipboard manager / shelf app with built in Shortcuts or Automation kick-off support.

EDIT: And I took advantage of Paste’s 66% off for the first year Black Friday subscription.

Really surprised that PastePal wasn’t mentioned in this episode. It is on par with Paste and does not require subscription.

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You’ll find documentation on Paste Stack here:

I’ve started using it recently am finding it very helpful in some circumstances, most notably when creating/updating contacts and filling out forms.


Thanks @timstringer ! If I can write a shortcut to retrieve the stack I could use it to automate filling in a template. (Which was rather what I thought I might do with Keyboard Maestro’s %PastClipboard% set of tokens - as I indicated.)

You’re welcome, @MartinPacker. I don’t think that Paste’s Shortcuts support currently provides features specific to the Paste Stack. I suppose you could use Keyboard Maestro to open the Paste Stack and automate copy and pasting using keyboard shortcuts…though it’s probably simpler just to use Keyboard Maestro’s own clipboard features in this case.

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If you can copy, switch application, and then paste in the correct order then you could combine Paste Stack with KM (as the normal way to retrieve items from it is just CMD-V). It wouldn’t be very robust though (if anything went wrong it could quickly become a mess). Are you going for quick and dirty, or robust and error proof?

My preference is definitely for robust and error-proof. For my use cases, using the Paste Stack as is (when needed) is proving to be efficient and reliable.

I use Copy ‘em on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.