616: The Quality Will be Ensured, with Daniel Jalkut

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At the 5m30s mark, @ismh made a “getting saucy” joke and @MacSparky just blew right past it.

Stephen, I just wanted you to know: I heard it, and it made me laugh. Well, groan, but close enough, right?


I think the discussion about SwiftUI is fundamentally wrong in this episode it is framed as a question if you should use SwiftUI or AppKit but that is fundamentally not how you use SwiftUI. SwiftUI is build so that you can very seamlessly mix it with AppKit/UiKit it is never a SwiftUI or AppKit question!

And there are areas were SwiftUI (on macOS and iOS) is much better than AppKit/UIKit. If you are doing any custom controls with animations or transitions SwiftUI provides a massive improvement for these parts of your UI.

I am talking as a develop who is shipping an app with a mixture of SwiftUI and AppKit views and is also working on another (long existing app) were we will be gradually adding SwiftUI views were SwiftUI is much easier that building these views in AppKit.

Hey @ismh and @MacSparky, how do I get the discount for the Relay FM membership? It doesn’t say how to get it at giverelay.com and the discount doesn’t auto-apply at relay.fm when I go to sign up.

Select the show you want from the grid of artwork on giverelay.com and it’ll load the coupon.


Really enjoyed this episode. Am a big FastScripts fan, and learned about Maestral and NetNewsWire, both of which are also awesome (not least because both are highly scriptable).

While Maestral works from the command line, I was pleased to learn that NetNewsWire has AppleScript support. In the past six months, I’ve been in the process of ditching all my unscriptable apps and replacing them with scriptable ones (wherever this is feasible).

MPU could really do with a user-generated list of scriptable apps, divided up by kind (scriptable RSS readers, scriptable sync clients, scriptable blogging apps, and so on). It’d really help for the more unusual or unexpected kinds. Scriptable to-do apps (OmniFocus, Things, etc), for example, are quite well known but it’s easy not to have heard about these more niche sorts of app with scripting support. Indeed, sometimes it can take you by surprise when this integration exists!

For example, I’ve yet to find a VPN client that is scriptable. Nord has Shortcuts integration on iOS but not Mac yet. The closest I’ve found is AdBlock VPN, which has a good native menu bar app that is easy to control thanks to Bartender.

Anyway, thanks again.

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MorePU got real good with the pizza stone discussion.


I tried researching how to run homebrew apps via a Docker container but couldn’t find any information. Did I misunderstand that part of the episode?

I’d like to run it that way on my newly purchased M1 MBA when it gets here.

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I was thinking the same thing whilst listening, in that the original question/premise was wrong, but then thought that Daniel eventually pulled it round to cover that aspect. iirc

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