617: Back in Whack

clipboard manager in bettertouchtool :exploding_head:

is there anything this app can’t do?! this could replace Paste App for me (since I don’t use the cross-device sync that often anyways)

thanks guys!

PS: I’m assuming an action has to be set up as the only way to use it? (screenshot)

Thanks for feedback-show. Because i did setup my M1 mini as a new device - iCloud photos was “optimized” :frowning: Now all the photos get loaded and are ready for the backup. Thx. :+1:

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I do think you made running Parallels and Win 11 sound a lot more scary than it was.
Really easy to set up and running my x86 apps with no issues at all - including some very old and clunky Oracle DBs and servers!

Just listened to the part in the show where @MacSparky queried whether it was possible to add additional iCloud storage space beyond the 2TB which comes with an Apple One subscription.

In the UK at least, that does seem to be possible from the iCloud settings on iOS 15.1.1…

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and on macOS 12.0.1

Strange. I don’t seem to have any option to do that.

I’m able to add on in the US, although I’m on a lower Apple One tier.

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Someone on Twitter mentioned that it seems to be missing for those of us with separate IDs for iCloud and purchasing.


You all talked about USB-C hubs on this episode. I’m curious why there are no multi-port USB-C wall chargers out there with more than two ports. I have several USB3 chargers from Anker that have 3, 4, and even 7 USB3 ports, but there aren’t any with that many USB-C that I can find. Does anyone know of any? With so many products shipping with USB-C cables that are USB-C only, I want to start transitioning my chargers, but can’t. After all, not everything needs to take up a precious USB-C port on my Mac if it just needs it for power.

In this episode there was a brief discusion about window managers (and I believe as a future show topic) which mentioned Moom and BetterTouchTool (“BTT”).

I alway like to point out that if you are thinking about BTT for window management and not for gestures the author has another product BetterSnapTool which is much more powerful for window management but doesn’t have the other features of BTT.

I originally bought BST to support the author (he was charging for the new BST but BTT was free at the time). However I’ve found BST to be the superior product on my iMac where I don’t use an Apple trackpad or mouse. (And, yes, I know that BTT has become more feature laden over the years).

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Can you compare Moom to BetterSnapTool? I like Moom except I would prefer that their grid of screen sizes be more fine-grained. As far as I can tell, at best I can lay out my windows on a 9x9 grid.

EDIT: But BetterSnapTool seems even more limited than Moom as far as supported grid layout. Sticking with Moom. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another EDIT: I just discovered that I can save an arbitrary non-grid layout in Moom!

With BetterSnapTool you can go completely grid-less, which basically makes it “fine grid” to the pixel level. You can specify specific areas and snap to them. So you can make any layout you want. And without even doing this you can save the current layout, up to four different ones, and restore the layout with a keyboard shortcut.


Over here UGreen have a couple that have 3 USB-C slots, but that’s the most I’ve seen.

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Just to chime in, as this part of the episode also caught my attention, I see the same 4 terabyte option here in the U.S.:

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