619: Home Studio Updates

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Interesting episode. Thank you.

My favorite episode. Just a great one especially for one like me who has 64GB of RAM and probably ‘really’ needs 16. These guys are after my own heart :grinning:

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I was a tiny bit jealous listening to this episode… This is probably why:

I present the beta version of the next Fully sit-stand desk:

the good news is that water is no way near by Macbook Pro


Curious as to why David Sparks uses his MBP in clamshell mode but then adds his iPad below his display. I use my MBP below my display. Bigger and better screen, one less device. Thoughts?

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David explains his thinking on this near the end of the “Our Decks” chapter.

Thanks TJ. I re-listened to it and I still don’t see why the iPad is superior as an extra screen to the one in the MBP. What am I missing?

Very interesting episode. I have to say I checked most of the links in the hopes of gaining inspiration for Christmas gift ideas. Mostly for myself :relaxed:. Loved both of the desks and chairs, I’ll take Sparky’s desk and Stephen’s chair. Also digging the Grovemade shelf; may have to investigate further.

I also notice both of the guys are rocking only one monitor, nice monitors to be sure but only one. I’ve tried that before but always have to go back to a minimum of two. I need to refer to something as I write an e-mail or configure a system. How are they coping?

So saying that the monitors in question are $5000 Apple 6K XDR near-professional reference monitors is not the answer you are looking for? :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess not. The price of a monitor doesn’t mean a thing if it comes to screen real-estate.

Besides, this monitor is overkill for 99,99% of the users. I don’t deny it’s nice. But if you’re a programmer or accountant, even if you’re a podcaster, it has absolutely no added value.

It’s like you don’t need a Steinway Grand if you start to learn playing the piano.

I agree that the price is irrelevant here, but 6K is quite a lot of K

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I don’t disagree with this

Yeah, but with Apple gear, we are always getting top-of-the-line! Even when we are novices. Gives us something to grow into, eh?

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