64: The Power of Habits

I just listened to this for the first time (great idea to rebrand from my point of view) and really enjoyed it.
I liked the conversational style and it I got one thing out of it that I plan to implement. Considering that that’s my benchmark for 1 day professional development courses, that’s a great success.
That thing is: That’s the person I am (identity). I’m a person who doesn’t eat empty calories without my wife!

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That’s a really great point you made about picking one thing you want to implement. 1% better FTW!

"I am a person who… " is great for me. Second time in two days I’ve encountered that tip about making a new habit by changing how you think about yourself.

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I just received my Clear Habit Journal. It is awesome. I am really looking forward to trying it out when I finish my current journal. I was afraid it would be too structured, but it isn’t at all. It has enough pre-formatted stuff for my taste (index, page numbers, habit tracker) but the rest is pretty much empty dot grid pages.

Oh, and the episode was great. A lot of stuff I’ve heard already but good reinforcement. Also not a Free Agent (yet), but I identify with a lot of the content.

I totally did that “I’m a person who…” the other day. It broke my heart to drive by Chick-Fil-A but I cooked a mean baked chicken when I got home.


I enjoyed the episode and the new format.

I have been reading Atomic Habits and was glad to hear your perspective. As a guide for building systems and working to improve things incrementally it’s really valuable.

Look forward to future shows!

Evernote started this year with a great set of templates to change a habit. I’ve been using it to get to bed before 11 every night. It’s been great just starting to track it.

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Nice - enjoyed it. Had stopped listening to Free Agents so this is back on my radar now.

Tracking in a journal or keeping track in a calendar is sort of an “unsung hero” when it comes to making personal changes. Keeping things visually oriented helps you see how many times you’ve done something over a period, it really aids in the motivation department.


Congrats on the new show (though think the ads sound effect is unecessary and distracting).

I enjoyed the first episode and its conversational style especially because it comes from two people I like to listen to.

I also appreciate that people fell off of the wagon and need to re-adjust themselves to keep their things moving. This happens to everyone, including experts like @mikeschmitz and @MacSparky. And I like to learn from the experts how to turn the situation around so I can apply the principles to my own situations. I found in this particular episode that the message was a lot of “oh and it also happens to me…”. Not looking for a show with “the 3 best lifehacks” (thanks for not going down that path!!! :grinning: ) but I’m definitely looking to learn from your strategies.

Keep up with all the good work.

PS - I’ve just done the “Personal Retreat” course from @mikeschmitz and can’t recommend it highly enough. :star::star::star::star::star:


Amen @Aaron_Antcliff. We may need to do a segment on this at some point. There is something about writing it down or recording it with some 1’s and 0’s that really helps me.


I just finished reading Atomic Habits. While the podcast did a good job of summarizing the main points, there’s a lot of great detail in the book that goes into much more depth. I’d definitely recommend it.

I actually used the “I am a person who…” technique yesterday. My plane was delayed until after midnight, so I didn’t get a lot of sleep. By late afternoon I was pretty run down and was on the fence about going down to the gym, but I told myself, “I am a person who exercises every day” and went down and did my 30 minutes on the exercise bike.