640: The iPhone App Roundup

Gives credit card to spouse! :joy:


I’m going to have to look seriously at Day One!

The mentioned @MacSparky journaling webinar is well worth a watch. Journaling Workflows Webinar: The Why and the How - YouTube


A late start to listening today. Wonder how much this episode will set me back?

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A few apps that came to mind that work really well on iOS (whether iPhone or iPad) but not mentioned in this episode: Agenda, Craft, Ulysses, and Apollo. Any other additions that may have been neglected?

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Games weren’t mentioned this time around (Two Spies was a good suggestion last time.) Lately I’ve been playing Zach Gage’s Knotwords, which mixes anagrams and crosswords and limits daily play a la NYT puzzles or Wordle (same thing, now, I guess.)


Thanks SO much! My notes on the Webinar did a disappearing act. So I was glad to watch it again.

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I heard that Keep it app mentioned , but looking at the developer site, I am not clear on what is the cost of the app, is it one for Mac and iOS or separate

I also have DEVONthink on Mac and iPad, is it worth getting it for some less heavy duty use?

i have it on iOS and it is very reasonable although i do not recall just how much. i do like the app.

Looks very similar too Upnote. Just a lot more expensive :wink:

I would be asking myself why I would want to have more than one place to look for stuff? I suppose it could work if one app was used for a very specific topic.

I finished the episode and so far have only subscribed to FoodNoms for a month to try it out, so not too bad for me!

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I suppose you are right. The keep it app look is pleasing , but not enough to make me jump ship and pay for more subscription

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thanks for mentioning this, after checking out upnote, I am quite impressed with the features, not to mention the very reasonable lifetime license. It has almost all the features of Evernote without the subscription. It also supports markdown, backlinks, etc

Wonder why it is not more popular

Just 1 small purchase for me so far, Retouch sa present to my iPhone 13 Mini that will hopefully arrive today.

I also downloaded Carrot again, to see if it can compete now with Clime, which has the best local weather for me in my particular location north of Bangkok.

The constant shoutouts for Dark Noise are a bit curious for me. iOS has built in a Background Sounds feature that exists right in Control Center (through the ear icon). That’s what I use when I’m studying (Ocean sound for me!).

However well-integrated Dark Noise is, it can’t be more integrated than something built in to the OS, right? The Background Sounds work with shortcuts. I’m wondering what makes a white noise app worth paying money for. The only benefit I see with Dark Noise is more sounds and the mixing ability.


I had no idea that existed!

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So glad I could help you discover that. Sometimes it’s super rewarding to just press buttons in Control Center or Settings - you always find something you didn’t know you needed!

I have been using Reeder 5 for a while and like Sparky, I cancelled my Feedbin service. I have not found how to add a Twitter user feed to it, What am I missing?

You need to add Twitter as a service, and I think you can only subscribe to Twitter accounts (or Reddit feeds) via local or iCloud sync accounts…