646: Vibing with Tony Miceli


I was pleasantly surprised by how much I got out of this ep.

I knew the music talk was going to be great, but Tony casually drops a bunch of (what seem to be) time-tested workflows that I definitely took note of… Some of which I have no immediate need for (like how he streamlines his online lessons).

Thanks for the great episode!


This was a really fun episode. I enjoyed hearing about Tony’s journey and I’m impressed and inspired by his self taught skills in programming. Well done!

I was only half expecting a jam with @MacSparky for More Power Users, although I know the audio lag doesn’t make that possible. :grinning:


I loved this episode for a couple of reasons.

  1. I’m a musician, I dig hearing people talk music and power nerd stuff
  2. This was someone who is doing power stuff, but for the sake of doing their passion, and that passion is not productivity. (Please hear no offense in that statement).

It so insightful and exciting to hear people who are using tech to pursue passion instead of tech leading passion. (Does that make sense?)

P.S., love the vibraphone

P.P.S. @MacSparky , you should put out an EP of Jazz Standards recorded on the midi saxophone. Push outside the comfort zone!


… Or, we create a MPU album and we all add a bit! Kind of what Tony was saying :slight_smile: I play Trumpet and Keys … learned a lot from this episode!

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I play a little of everything. Mostly competent at guitar, keys, bass, and drums. I went to college for voice and grew up playing trumpet, but my horn is in a different state and it’s been awhile lol.

I’m guessing your a jazz guy by your username.

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I had never heard of Tony until I listened to this last night. This morning I turned on the radio and the first thing I heard was one of his recordings.

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This episode has stuck with me. I love when you have musicians and composers on. People who like technology but make it serve their artistry are inspiring and always give me ideas.

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I’m not sure the link to Amphetamine in the show notes is correct! :flushed:

I’d love to see some of his “giant” mindmap - always good to see how people are using it.