647: Workflows with Zac Hall

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Hey. In the episode Zac mentions listening to relay fm and ATP live streams in broadcasts. Does anyone have the URL’s for these streams at all?

I used a Logitech Trackman Wheel USB trackball—very similar to the device Zac Hall uses–from 2009 to last year, when I switched to the Magic Trackpad 2.

A thumb-operated trackball is great. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m wondering if I should switch back. I got the Trackpad became obsessed with using it in conjunction with Better Touch Tool for gestures. But I never followed through.

You do need to adjust tracking speed on the trackball—max that right out! I found there was no need to use the special Logitech software for that; Mac Preference settings worked fine.

I purchased one of these years ago for our CEO to use when he injured his wrist. Later when he switched back to a mouse I used it in our server room. I agree that no Logitech software was needed. And I had no problem moving the cursor quickly to any point on the screen.

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Years ago we used those trackballs when I was public safety dispatcher. We used it to control and select on the radio screen.

LIke @MacSparky I recently ponied up for iA Writer. I am liking it. The first project I undertook with it was a draft for a grant request for an amateur radio group. The first draft seemed to be well received by the group.