648: Software Club: Apollo for Reddit


Reddit is unusable without Apollo. Such a great app.


What are the advantages of Apollo over Reddit’s own solution? Is it really that bad?

Apollo lets you change everything. How it displays information, how to interact with your feed, everything is customizable. It lets you use Reddit however you want to.


Oh, okay. I’ll have to check it out!

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Totally agree, I now use the iPad / iPhone app on my Mac instead of the main site

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I’ve heard a few interviews with Christian before, and always appreciate his ebullience and humility, so was looking forward to this. Thanks for having him on!

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This was a good chat. I use Apollo all the time, which unfortunately means I’m also on Reddit too much.

One of them mentioned, though, that Apple once made a YouTube app. I had forgotten about that, and it made me wish there was a YouTube app alternative on iOS now.

There were various YouTube alternatives for Windows Phone, but I guess there was never enough demand for YouTube alternatives on iOS.

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What features would you look for in one/what pain points would you like solved?

Here’s a multireddit I created, with a couple of dozen subreddits of memes, found photos, old ads from the 1970s, 60s, and 50s, and other miscellany. I quite enjoy paging through it to relax, and I share a lot of the content to Tumblr and Twitter.

One of two of the subreddits are political and the memes can be a little edgy, but mostly the content is apolitical and G-rated.



As a fairly regular user of the official Reddit app, who has Apollo installed but has never felt compelled to switch, I came to this episode expecting a traditional MPU deep dive into why Apollo was better than the stock app. Instead it was an apples to oranges discussion of Apollo vs. the mobile Reddit site, and David even saying “If Reddit releases an app, I feel like it would look like this.” Huh? Bit of a head scratcher and a disappointment. On the flip side, the interview was great and did make me want to give the app my own deep dive, and I enjoyed the guys talking about their preferred subreddits and thoughts on Reddit in general!

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I’ve got to be honest I only listened to the first 20 minutes or so. I found it so frustrating that Apollo was being compared with browser Reddit rather than the Reddit app that I switched off.

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Love Apollo. Makes Reddit much easier, and the different view modes make it nice (list and gallery specifically).

Also, who was blowing their nose around 1:02:37

I love Apollo but there is one thing that frustrates be beyond belief that I’ve never received an answer on, despite posting to the Apollo subreddit about it and I believe tweeting the dev directly.

I prefer to browse Apollo with medium-sized thumbnails in compact mode. I prefer the thumbnails to be on the right hand side, though that’s moot I believe.

Anyway, when I browse the Reddit app, the thumbnail in my “home view” is what I’d call medium in size, and when I click on the post to see it in detail, it shows a big image/link at the top that contains the article link and a photo from the article.

In Apollo, I can browse my “Home” or “Popular” list as I’d expect, but clicking on a post with an article link takes me to a new page where the article thumbnail is about the size of my pinky fingernail.

I found with the Reddit app I’d often “click into” a post to see a larger image that may stoke my interest in reading the article. In Apollo, clicking the post for more details takes me to what is surprisingly a MUCH smaller thumbnail.

tldr; Posts that link to articles have thumbnails that are comically small and need to be made larger.

This was a great interview! Apollo is an excellent app and what I use almost exclusively for reddit. I mainly get on reddit using my iPhone or my iPad so I can use the app. Thanks for this!

Apollo didn’t work out for me in the past because all the Reddit links I clicked on the web were redirected either to the Reddit website or the official app.
There was no way to set Apollo as the default app for Reddit links.

Is this still the case?

Apollo now ships with a Safari extension that redirects links to Apollo. You just have to enable it.

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Interesting, I’ll try it out.

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