654: Data Storage in 2022

That would be my concern too, if I understand your plan. I believe in daily automatic offsite backups so a once a month CCC backup risks losing files. And, IMO, the monthly CCC backups would need to be stored offsite which adds to the workflow.

My first thought is to keep an external SSD connected to your Mac, backup the NAS to it often using CCC (or ChronoSync, etc) and let Backblaze backup everything to the cloud.

Hi John,

On iOS you can use MobiusSync (SyncThing).



And thanks!

@JohnAtl , are you using Syncthing via Homebrew or the GUI version? I tried the Homebrew version, but the lack of code signing and similar security warnings were freaking me out a bit.

Yes, I used the gui version from GitHub.
(The gui is actually your web browser.)
Don’t recall any drama with installing or using it.

I am a BIG fan of large USB 3 spinning drives for this purpose (much cheaper)…

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Does anyone have experience with Arq backup? It seems to come highly recommended, and I’m looking for an online backup solution that doesn’t cost $7 USD/month per computer like Backblaze does. I’m looking to backup my MBP and my partner’s Windows laptop.

Arq has their own backup service that looks good and fairly priced, but I’m also considering buying two licences upfront and then backing up to Backblaze B2. Does anyone have experience with either of these? Is Arq’s system easy to recover from?

check out this good combo…

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Have you looked at this thread?

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I’ve been using Arq for 10 years, first with Amazon AWS and now with Backblaze B2. For a time after my Mac died I used it with a Windows computer. It was able to adopt my Mac settings and pick up right where the Mac left off. Later it was easy to go back to the Mac. Both versions worked the same way. It’s been rock solid.

Recovering a file can be as simple as searching Arq and dragging the results to your desktop. (other options are available.).


Looks like I’ve been singing its praises for four years now.



That’s super helpful, thanks! It’s great to see that your experience was positive, especially when you contacted support.

I think Arq Premium is the winner for me, because I have less than a TB of data between two computers to back up.

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Wasabi looks interesting, but it seems a bit too complicated for my taste (my experience with cloud storage is limited to iCloud Drive up till now). I tend to prefer works-out-of-the-box solutions, and since Arq’s built-in service ticks my boxes and is pretty affordable for my backup size, I’ll be starting with that for now. But thanks for weighing in with a recommendation!

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@WayneG and @JohnAtl: you’ve sold me on Arq. Thanks for sharing! It gives me a lot more confidence to know that restoring is easy and backups are reliable.


I, too, liked signing up with Arq and getting my software and my cloud storage all in one go. Good luck with the new backup service!

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You got me looked on Arc within the last year. Thanks. :grinning:

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I use NextCloud for file sync instead of iCloud. It also syncs my Joplin notes across devices using Webdav.

I don’t have to pay subscription fees and I control my data from end to end, both of which are important to me.


I’m going to throw in another vote for Arq.

I was a backblaze user for many years and prior to that a Crashplan user.

Last year I bought my son an M1 Mac for college and like clockwork every few months Backblaze would get an out of sync error forcing us to reinstall Backblaze and start the backup from scratch.

Moved the whole family over to Arq and while not unlimited, it works great. Great app and email logging is very detailed. While I haven’t had to engage their support, they seem to have a good reputation for support too.


This is interesting. I googled NextCloud but cannot find any pricing plan for home users. How is the security and speed? Do you replace all iclould services with NextCloud including photos?

You’re going to want to look into a service provider like Hetzner, they can provide you with a hosted Nextcloud instance priced relative to the storage space you are looking for.