656: The Fundamentals are Timeless, with Stephen Millard


That triple tap shortcut for podcast notes is a gem!


I liked the mention at the end about Apple TV being too expensive. I want one but just can’t justify it compared with the built in Roku on my TVs. Fortunately I got an invite from Apple to do an Apple Music survey, and one of the questions hopefully highlights that I would probably buy the Apple TV if it were cheaper. It asked which Apple products I have, and it was every category except the TV!

Listening to @sylumer talk about being unable to package multiple shortcuts together, I wondered…

Could an app like Toolbox Pro or Pushcut help with that? Not necessarily those apps, but a helper app generally no could imagine a sort of script that says which shortcuts to run in what order; with links to download them.

Pass it a Bunch-like text file with instructions (and links) for which shortcuts to download, what the app requirements are, and maybe a short description of the intended functionality, all in an elegant interface. It could maybe also include a catalog of such bundles.

Or could just a shortcut do it?

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Great episode…and agree with @dustinknopoff on the triple tap for the podcasts note Shortcut!

I’m curious about Paletro. What does this offer vs the ⌘⇧/ shortcut?


I doubt Apple will ever reduce the price of the ATV. The competition sells 4K streaming boxes for around $50 and most/all of them have the Apple TV app available.

But you need Apple’s hardware to play games or view Apple Fitness and that’s how they keep the price high.

Definitely intrigued by the triple tapping to run a Shortcut, but I don’t how to make that work. Can anyone help?

Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap > go wild

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Thanks, @tf2 . Works like a charm!

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The Overcast to Drafts note really is fantastic—I’ve already used it a few times with this very episode!


It’s pretty clever. I’m adapting it to work with Castro and NotePlan instead of Downcast and Drafts