660: App Updates for iOS 16 & The Apple Watch Ultra


@MacSparky - You need to get that green Alpine loop. I bought it last week during a trip to the Apple Store and love it! I’m using it on my 45 mm series 7, but it is fantastic.

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For a while I have been trying to live a more contextual computing lifestyle. The updates to focus modes and home screens have really helped with this. I have a focus mode for work, sleep driving and fitness. I was wondering are people using a focus mode all the time? When I am not using one of my existing focus modes should I have one that is just personal? That way I can hide work email accounts during off hours?

I’m with @MacSparky and @ismh on the positives of the iPhone 14 Pro always-on display. I thought I’d have no need for it and turn it off, but it’s converted me and I’m now a true believer! Like the hosts, I too now have a new stand next to my Mac so I can view it better.

See my article, posted today, I Was Wrong About the iPhone 14 Pro Always-On Display

Before blowing it off, I’d suggest you give it a try and see if its functionality doesn’t win you over as well. If you don’t like it, you can always turn it off.


I loved the Ultra follow up… and oddly enough the discussion convinced me to hold off on purchasing one! I’m glad that it’s a device that everyone is enjoying but I think I’m going to hold out and see what next year’s offering is going to be like.

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On the Lock Screen I wish you could have quick notes on it, and also one more row would be good, so 8 spots for Lock Screen widgets. The ultra sounds awesome can’t wait to get one.

I’m doing the same. My titanium Series 7 is in great shape and does what I need for now. But next year I’m going to be Ultra curious.


The iOS update gave me pause.

After a few days I was thinking, “Is this the ‘right order’ for the cut and paste options?!? … It can’t be. When did they change this? ‘Paste’ is in the wrong spot! :sob:

I can’t compare (cough) apples to apples (had to throw that in there!); but we’re lucky we can see the as-yet-unupdated iPad version to compare!

I think the color change made me think they changed the order of the options; but it looks like those are in the same order.

New iPhone cut-and-paste options:

“Old version” (iPad is/was slightly different from the phone version):

I think I like it. Not fully sure.

Maybe it will grow more on me when the iPad and iPhone are the same again.

Was it only the color that changed or did something else change as well?

I haven’t been enjoying this change. I use Look Up and Share frequently on text and they now require extra taps in most apps.

golden nugget of this episode = Sticker Drop.


For older eyes, it’s a lot easier to read!

It’s so clever. It’s the first iMessage app I’ve been impressed by in ages.

I instantly downloaded the app! :sweat_smile:

Not sure if this was in previous versions but I didn’t realize I can swipe through the menu instead of having to tap the arrow to see the other options.

I just wish we could add text to the stickers.