667: Revisiting Apple Reminders & Notes

I have had this going from iOS to my Mac if I haven’t used my Mac in a few weeks. Typically I reference reminders off my phone so not a huge deal. I’ve also found occasionally deleted all old/completed tasks helps as well.

This episode prompted me to switch back to Omnifocus. I have sizable number of recurring tasks that are “repeat after completion” where the due date is a recommendation and not a drop-dead date. Reminders doesn’t support this type of task, forcing you to manually change to due date to the current date before marking it complete in order to emulate the feature.

You only have to forget to do that once before your task schedule is messed up.

I also missed the weekly review feature of
Omnifocus. It reminds me to review and cleanup my tasks every week. I always find tasks that I already did or don’t need to do anymore during reviews.

I’m sticking with Joplin for notes as I can use markdown, which is my formatting language of choice. It has a nice web clipper. it’s
self hosted so I control my private data, and it has a host of other great features that notes may never have.

I just ran the upgrade on my Reminders on Mac and now I am finding that the search is not finding open reminders I know have the specific text I am looking for.

Any suggestion on what I could/should do to fix this?

On Ventura 13.2 and it works fine on iOS