671: Out of the Water


Good episode. Glad to hear things are going so well.

If Ron is driving 50K a year he might want to check out Google Maps on iOS. I knew that you can create a map with multiple destinations and drag those destinations to arrange your trip as needed. But I just learned that you can “share directions” for that route. The share is a link that you can save in, for example, Apple Notes.

Tapping the link will launch Google Maps on iOS/iPadOS and load the saved route.

Catching up after a very busy month with @MacSparky’s email newsletter of 16th December, in which he references the importance of a setup. Although I always enjoy his reflections on the tech side of things, in this case I was also very intrigued by the “PS” at the end where he mentions setting up his woodworking shop. I can’t be the only person who would like to hear/see more about this, and what he makes there, in 2023? :slight_smile:

Nothing too exciting @sunil. I like hand-tool woodworking which means I use a lot of chisels and hand planes and not very many things that get plugged in. Even woodworkers consider that boring.

I just like that fact that where everything else I do is “productive”, this is just the opposite.

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@MacSparky I think it would be nice to see what kind of things you are doing without too many electrical tools. It might inspire some of us to give it a try!

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I haven’t had the chance to do any woodworking since I was in school, but this sounds like heaven to me. I used to love turning bowls, so I’d be happy if the lathe was the only thing that was plugged in!

I agree with @BillWilson - it would be lovely to see some of your woodcraft, if it were the kind of thing you would be willing to share. Maybe a ‘MPU sidelines’ subforum for other hobbies that people have, other than being Mac Power Users? :slight_smile:

OK guys. I will share some stuff as soon as I have things, arranged, and something to share properly. For now, I’m busy re-flattening my workbench. It got a hump in the middle during the hiatus.


Yes. Yes. YES.

You’ve hinted lately about some Lee Valley purchases. As a fellow hand tool wood worker I’ll be interested to see what you do this year.

One to “know” David’s happy with the change and his progress:

That fancy Vestaboard has started showing up in the intro to his lab videos :wink: