686: Consuming Content in 2023

I used to sit in the Fenway bleachers all the time when I was in college. It was cheap and fun.

Every ballpark has its quirks, which is one of the things that makes the game interesting, for baseball nerds, at least.


This is pure gold. Thanks for this!

Hi new to the forums. I really enjoyed this episode. I’ve listened to it twice now actually because it’s jam packed lots of great information.

But can someone tell me what app David quickly mentions at the end of the episode, he says when the YouTube algorithm recommends something to him he saves it to an app called YouTube “downy” I think.

Does anyone know what he’s referring to? Is it an app or extension? Or maybe I’m not understanding? Thanks!

Welcome to the forum. I think he may be referring to this app: Downie - YouTube Video Downloader for macOS - Charlie Monroe Software

Also available on SetApp.


Ah ok, awesome, thanks for the quick reply!

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In case anyone wants to know, iTunes Match does not Family Share. If you have a separate media/purchases Apple ID, the iTunes cloud library can be used on any device that uses that. Which is why I finally dumped iTunes Match for Plex.