708: The Obsidian Field Guide

In the podcast @MacSparky seemed to indicate that there would be some discussion of this in the upcoming additional material on use cases. I hope he does flesh that out a bit there.

So this made me give obsidian a try again. I’m mobile first and think Apple notes is much easier, but I can’t deny the customization and easy shortcut builds for obsidian (since you can just make shortcut for a text file in a folder). Have also been a bit let down with ios17 Apple notes updates, I guess was expecting a bit more with linking etc. it didn’t “spark joy” as expected.

Also, on iPad plugged into a monitor with a keyboard and mouse this replicated a desktop experience well. I still prefer Devonthink search and assorted features, but I may go back and use obsidian for some daily notes/journal and try indexing in DT again (still some hiccups being mobile only and trying to get indexed files).

If you need a robust notes app on your iPhone, I do not recommend Obsidian.

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I don’t actually use it on phone directly. I do daily notes and have shortcuts that addend markdown notes which works quite well without leaving my Home Screen.

I typically use iPad and keyboard if doing anything else, so it seems similar to desktop on iPad.

Addend: any suggestions of mobile workflow for DT to go. Had previously used the bear panda editor with DTTG which worked great but no longer available. I like Apple notes and had been using this for some notes (monthly imported to DT) or just directly to DTTG. Have been unhappy with DTTG on mobile editor, but appreciate so many of its features that I’ve tolerated it. Apple notes still requires the Mac to get into DT and then sync back to DTTG.

For what reasons?


I just need an Obsidian plug-in that will make it work exactly like NVALT.

Have you seen FSNotes. It is not a plug-in for Obisidian. I am using it as my replacement for nvalt.

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Howso? If you use Alfred, the tools available in Shimmering Obsidian might help:

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I would actually say the complete opposite. :man_shrugging:t2: I think Obsidian is quite feature rich on mobile. Are there UI things here or there that aren’t as pretty as (say) Bear 2? Sure. But as far as functionality, it’s top notch. I actually think DEVONthink ToGo is a much poorer mobile counterpart (macOS vs iOS) than Obsidian. :blush:


I just get a general impression that Obsidian is janky on the iPhone, other than for quick entry and quick glances at information. I could be mistaken here.

It’s great on the iPad. I often use it on the iPad, particularly paired with a keyboard.

Never heard of it but just download it. Very similar to NVAlt. Loving it so far!!!

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