717: The Apple Notes Deep Dive

Does anyone know the specific name of the font used currently in Apple Notes? I’ve tried searching — and thought someone in this group may have the answer. If is not SF Pro. It is a font with a “one story letter “a””. Thank you!

This is a screenshot from an Apple Note showing samples of the System and SF Pro fonts. They both look similar to me. Is the lowercase “a” what is considered a single story “a”?

CleanShot 2023-11-13 at 08.08.41@2x

According to a post on Quora it’s a “special version” of San Francisco that is not available outside the app.

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I found you can’t send emails to Notes, but with Agenda you can.

Yes, the lowercase “a’ is “single story.” However, when I use the SF Pro font outside of Apple Notes, it is different — the “a” is “double story” (and there may be other changes too).

I see what you mean. I tried it in Apple Pages and the SF Pro font “a” is, indeed, double story. Strange. :crazy_face:

That lack of portability/interoperability is the main reason I don’t use Apple Notes much except for notes and lists shared with family members. It’s not just about other operating systems; if I decide to switch to another app, I don’t want moving my data in an organized form to be a hassle.

I’m also not a fan of the look and feel of using Apple Notes, though that’s entirely subjective, and I know that for a lot of people the look and feel are part of why they love it. The choice of a notes/PKM app is about as personal as it gets in the realm of computing; fortunately there’s a vast range of options and approaches in the space, so unless your employer prohibits anything but OneNote, you’re not stuck using someone else’s favorite.