73: Podcasting: The How and the Why

Katie and David go soup to nuts on how they produce the Mac Power Users Podcast

Show Notes

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Is this the most recent podcast on ‘podcasting’? Have they touched on it more recently somewhere else?

Also curious for a podcast that has guests on it without fancy microphone setups - what have people found is the best way to ensure proper audio from them?

The Podcast Guest Guide by Antony Johnston was brought up on a podcast a while ago - I can’t remember which one. It also contains links to articles by Jason Snell, Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin on the practicalities of podcasting and Trin Garratino from Kickstarter Games with some “tips on how to sound more relaxed and natural”.


@Tony fine link…

Not sure of your desired outcome — if you want decent sound quality it calls for a decent mikes on both ends of the conversation. ATR 2100’s work well in the $50 range. There are others.

Follow Tony’s lead.

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The best way is for them to have a semi decent microphone at least, and to record their own audio. While you may not need a “fancy” microphone in general the more you spend the better you sound, and as it’s the communication method with the listener it’s worth investing in making it sound good. Marco Arment has a good rundown of mics:


Jason & Myke did a “how we podcast” episode of Upgrade last summer.

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I’ve been a guest on a podcast that used Zencaster to record. It records on the speaker’s end (so you get a “double ender”) and I just used the mic built into my EarPods. It doesn’t sound as good as a proper microphone setup, but I haven’t heard anyone complain about it. Didn’t even have to do anything special to upload; when the recording stops, Zencaster automatically packages it all up for the host/organizer.

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Nice - it does seem in a ‘pinch’ given guests who don’t have more proper microphones that ‘earbuds’ seem to be preferred.

Thanks for all the great advice and links!