8 Ways We Self-Sabotage Our Productivity, Note-taking, PKM (Tiago Forte)

Tiago Forte recently released a Second Brain Summit on YouTube. I found his keynote address interesting and could relate to some of the ways he is seeing folks in the productivity arena self-sabotage.

  1. Starting from scratch (again and again and again)
  2. Feeling guilty / shame (beating ourself up)
  3. Insisting on perfection (a pointless pursuit)
  4. Doing all the research first (at the expense of doing real work)
  5. Going big (at the expense of making small steps forward)
  6. Doing it completely by yourself (at the expense of developing relationships)
  7. Comparing yourself to others (the curse of social media)
  8. Postponing gratification (never letting yourself get a win)

Some great blog post topics in there! :slight_smile:


Agreed @Bill_Aus, looks like great concepts to explore and reflect upon!