85: The Depth of Our Madness

This is one of those episodes that make me wish I was busier than I am :rofl:Lot of good tips and habits that would be overkill for me. Really good episode though.

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At about 1:09, David mentions a “two-week view in vertical days” in fantastical. I’m having trouble figuring out what he is referring to there, can someone help me find that?

On the Mac: Settings — General — Days per week. Set it to 14. :slight_smile:

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I love the title of this episode, I feel like it could apply to a lot of productivity systems when seen from the outside. I agree with Mike’s comments, I think it was for soccer, where the kids might have to be in more than 2 places at once. It’s handy to have the address details in place on the calendar to aid the conversations about who could possibly help out when/where needed.
It’s also handy to name appointments creatively with reference information like phone numbers or contact names so I don’t have to go searching when the times comes and something has gone amiss.

I can only choose 5 or 7 days :confused: What am I missing?

Fun episode, @MacSparky and @mikeschmitz. Here’s a question: If you use the weekly view in a digital calendar, do you start your week on Sunday or Monday? What’s your reasoning behind it?

Here’s a tip:
Every year, I print out a (free) custom annual calendar from calendarlabs.com to get an overview of my year (in lieu of neu year calendar). It also gives you a list of national holidays, so you can plan accordingly. Did I mention it was free?

I wrote about how I use calendar a few years ago, if you want to read it. https://dazne.net/calendar/

I’m not sure. Here’s what I see on the Mac:

Ah, in the Fantastical prefs! My bad - thought you were talking about Calendar.

Interesting discussion re putting possible items in the task manager. My tactic is to put all someday/maybe items in a different tool to force me to review before adding them to my active tasks.

Unlike MacSparky I also use my calendar to track what I did. Now this has caused problems (see the thread on how to delete calendar events a year at a time) but I use it as my time tracker that might make it into billable hours so it’s important for me to use it that way.

I like the idea of the big Focus yearly Calendar but don’t have that much free wall space except in the barn and it won’t do any good to me there. I’d like a way to print something similar out of Apple Calendars. Sort of a 1-2 months per sheet of paper view.

Likewise. I currently have one client for whom I work full time, but must record total daily hours and detail the activity in my billing. So, I record each meeting and non-meeting billable task time, then once daily I enter on a separate calendar a single long event (equalling total billable hours for that day) with a long entry in the “notes” portion of that even that recaps the work I performed either in meetings on outside of meetings, as recorded in the individual events in the calendar.

At month end, I crank up TimeTable3 from Steven Riggs. TimeTable is configured to look at the calendar where I record the daily work log. I export that for the month to .csv, add the .csv to my invoice template in Numbers, and quickly clean up the formatting and end up with the required monthly recap report. The report is built from the end-of-day note.

Because all month I’ve been recording little chunks of time, then a daily log, and finally a monthly export of the log, it takes me about 15 minutes each month to prepare the bill for that client.


Marking down what you did on a calendar was an old trick I learned decades ago when I used a paper Filofax system. It had its historical uses but I stopped doing that because it made entries too cluttered, even when using different colored inks, and even in electronic form. I currently use my calendar to show me specific, timed, upcoming events, I use my task manager for handling tasks (with sync to my calendar for items that are specific day/time events) including repeatable tasks, and I use a separate app for billing. There is no good single app to rule them all, and lots of problems trying to shoehorn it all in, at least for me.

Exactly! I also use TimeTable3 but my clients only care about total hours that month not the details so I usually just type in the number in my letter/invoice.

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