91: Information Overload

I’ve used Temi.com for nearly perfect transcriptions. It was .10 cents a minute, but I recall seeing an email recently about an increase to .30 a minute. Obviously, it’s not capable of nuanced transcription but is the best I’ve found that is automated. Cheaper than Rev service.

Personally, I don’t think I would read your transcriptions, but that’s because I often just re-listen to your episodes!

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Oh dear, I’m procrastinating listening to this episode because I’m suffering from information overload… :man_facepalming:

Thought-provoking episode - thank you.
I too have a history of Instapaper - bankrupt my list; Pocket - bankrupt my list; now reading list. I think the principle applies to whatever (content - maybe other stuff!) we collect - I realise I need to make the decision up front. Each of these services I realise was me deferring a decision - do I want to read this later - maybe - decide later - rather than “I commit to reading this later”.
And adding to a list was a way of feeling ok about not reading it whilst actually storing stress about it for later.
Not quite worked out how I’m going to persuade myself to be decisive upfront, but that’s the aspiration!

I’ve always looked at having a lot of books around as potential knowledge instead of to do list. As long as I take a moment between books to intentionally choose what’s next that’s ok.

Two things that really helped me in twitter are disabling retweets from some people who abuse that and liberal use of the mute button for people who are promoting something or commenting continuously on a live event I don’t care about but don’t want to completely unfollow. Of course, the number of people I’ve unfollowed and haven’t missed shows I probably should just unfollow way more often.

Great podcast guys.

I’ve never really had an issue with spending too much time on social media but I decided that it offers very little in return for my time, given my other priorities and life stage. Accordingly, I’ve deleted all of my social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The only online forum I participate in is this one because I get a great of deal value for time spent. Thanks to everyone on this forum for your excellent contributions making it worthwhile. :slight_smile: