A cautionary tale: suggestions on tracking down a 'rogue' workflow action?

So I guess part of the challenge with tinkering with things on one’s system, is keeping track of the changes that have been made… :sunglasses:

Somewhere in the not-too-distant past, I set something up, that was obviously(?) a good idea at the time…
Only now, I cannot remember what it was, and what it was supposed to do.
All I know, is that I had it trigger one of the built-in system output sounds – in this case - the “Purr”…

Whereas I was no doubt feeling quite proud of myself at the time, somewhere, something has stopped working.
So what is happening now, is I am doing something obscure on the trackpad (it appears to be related to selecting text), and I have the “Purr” sound output… but nothing else.

And do you think I can work out what I did?

Oh, and I have been checking BTT/Alfred etc., but it’s proving surprisingly tricky to track down what is happening/or rather, not…

Any suggestions on where to begin to try and work out what is happening?
Would the OS log this type of thing, and give me clues?
The Console looks a bit intimidating? Anyone have a clue where/what to look for, if anything?

I’d start by searching console for the file name of the offending sound.