A few AirPods Pro questions

Just grabbed a pair, coming from Gen 2 AirPods.

So it looks like we’re back to click, double-click, and triple-click to pause, rewind, and go forward?

But I’m not entirely clear on the mechanism for changing the noise cancelling settings?

And what mode do you usually leave yours in, in an office setting?


I tend to use noise cancelling all the time for peace in the office but that’s just me. Guess whatever works.

For cycling through modes you can click and hold the right pod from memory or do it via phone.

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There are options. From Control Center, you can press and hold the volume indicator (which should show the AirPods icon silhouette) as shown below (left) which will bring up controls (below, right):

You can also set the “Press and Hold” actions for each AirPod under Settings » Bluetooth » your AirPods Pro:

You can set both the left and the right to either use Siri or Noise Control. I have both set to Noise Control because I use “Hey Siri” when I want Siri.

On the Mac there is also a free tool called NoiseBuddy from Guilherme Rambo which will let you toggle the setting from your menu bar.

It depends. I have my own office, so I generally want to be able to hear if someone knocks on my door, so I tend to keep them in transparency unless I’m trying to work undisturbed, in which case I’ll turn on noise cancelling.

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