A good critique of the new Ipads

I think Craig Mod is absolutely right on many points here. (Although I’m sure many will disagree!)
https://craigmod.com/essays/ipad_pro/). In addition to being really nicely written, many of his gripes hit home - particularly as someone who also works in field conditions.

"Buy one of these new iPads. They’re seductive beyond reason. Buy it knowing well what its limitations may be. But knowing also that it will get better. That its engine is years ahead of its software. And in owning one you’ll be able to follow along as a contemporary operating system matures in real-time, beta-by-beta, before your very eyes. It’s not often we get to enjoy this.

For now, though, the iPad is still good for writing. Amazing for sketching. Reliable as a tank. Just don’t switch too quickly between apps. Don’t expect your cursor to be where you think it should be. Don’t try to do anything fancy with files. Don’t design a book on it. And don’t hope to open two documents from the same app side-by-side. Yet."

In any case, perhaps of interest to folks here!