A literary history of fake texts in Apple's marketing materials

These eerily cheery, aggressively punctuated messages suggest an alternate dimension in which polite, good-natured, rigorously diverse groups of friends and coworkers use Apple products exactly how they are designed to be used, without complaint or error.


That’s hilarious someone went to the trouble of tracking down all these fake messages!

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I love this. I do something similar, but not nearly as detailed, with the websites loaded in Safari in Apple promotional materials.

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Haha this is glorious! A wonderful piece of writing. One of my favourite parts:

Here, we see both sides of a chat between “Elisa Rossi” and “Greg Apodaca” in which Elisa sends Greg a photograph from her vacation. It is hard not to appreciate the rigidly orthographically correct banter between these … coworkers? Friends? The true nature of their relationship remains unclear.

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