A milestone I thought I’d never achieve…

Work are giving me a Mac mini!

I will have a Mac at work!

I won’t be able to sign in with my personal iCloud account (nor would I want to) and will only have so much scope for installing apps that aren’t needed for our mobile app development tech stack but I will be able to do my day job from a Mac and that is awesome to me.


I work in a company that produced intel laptops and never once in my lifetime could I imagine a Mac in this place and now, we have almost 60% of install base using Mac. So, I totally understand the feeling, lol.

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Congrats! Hope you can get the apps that make you feel home on a Mac.

Got offered a Mini earlier this year and before that it was BYOD so that is great. I continue using my 2014 MacBook Pro so I got an iPhone 11 from my boss instead:)


I was fortunate that my company implemented a very good BYOD option, so am also lucky that I can use a mac at work. Makes it all the more enjoyable!

As a US tech worker, I’ve never worked in a company that didn’t provide a MacBook. Thinking about it a bit more, I actually don’t know anyone that doesn’t have a MacBook, PC gamers aside. Posts like these remind me that I live in a bubble :sweat_smile:

Moving from Windows to Mac at work - I remember looking forward to it, when it finally happened, it was the move from Outlook to Mail and Fantastical that was even better than the move from Windows to Mac.

We use VMWare virtual desktops, which I will still need to connect to for some things, but I’ll be able to use the Mac App, rather than the thin client hardware I currently need to use.

Mail/Outlook may be one of the things I have to use the VM for. Not because the Mac/Mail couldn’t do everything I need, but because of infrastructure setup/policy.

That’s probably not the case 10 years ago. My, how 10 years have changed the landscape, and probably due solely to iPhones.