A Productivity Detox?

Interesting concept. Here’s one for you - recently I saw that Mac Most (https://macmost.com) said that he does not keep many bookmarks.


He said for him it is much simpler and easier to simply go to a browser and type a few search terms rather than hunting through his bookmarks.

I have many bookmarks. I’m just adding some food for thought.

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Hi Chris- is there a specific episode that he discusses this? I’m not familiar with the podcast.

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I keep bookmarks. Often when I need something again, I find it by search; it’s just easier. When I do, often think: I may need this again, so I bookmark it – only to find it’s already in my bookmarks.

That’s ok. Sometimes I can’t find it again by searching. Then I check my bookmarks, and it’s there.

So for me, bookmarks are the safety net, not the initial resource. (Except the bookmarks bar – I live by that, thanks to bookmarklets and a handful of sites I need regularly.)

Interesting thread!
I’m tempted to ask: why can’t you give up 1Password as well? I’ve never understood why people use it instead of Keychain. I must be missing something…

This is the answer. I completely reject the argument of having to go with crappy stock apps. There is an argument to be made about digital detoxing but that doesn’t mean getting rid of the apps that ‘spark joy’ and provide value in your life.

Apps like Things 3, Reeder, MacUpdater, HomeCam, PocketCast, 1Pasword, Paprika, and Prism have enriched my life so much that I can’t imagine going without them.

1Password is in another dimension compared to keychain. It’s like saying why do you drive a Ferrari when you could ride a bicycle. One product gets you to your destination safer, with more style and in a much more fun way :slight_smile:

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Most of those apps you mentioned are easy to convert from.

Stock weather is fine
I prefer the stock Mail app
Stock Calendar is bleh but usable.

This is absolutely fair, as is @beck 's point. It’s what works for you and enjoyment using them is a key part of the decision if you have a choice in it.

The stock apps aren’t ‘crappy’ for my use cases. I was trying everything but the stock apps, and was surprised to discover how well they worked and much better in some cases - especially Notes which does handwriting, scanning, attachments and organising better than anything I’d used*. They can never be appropriate for everyone, however, and they’re not the only apps I use. I dislike Apple Podcasts (and use PocketCast) and I use Eaglefiler instead of just Finder, for example, because it adds functionality I use daily.

* For my use cases and personal organisational preferences, obviously. Similarly, I wouldn’t run a complex ICT project using Reminders. But I no longer do that. I’ve tried Things 3, but there’s nothing in it I actually need that isn’t already in Reminders that would justify the cost.

My experience as well as shown here.

And, I too tried Things 3. It is a great app but Reminders is very good and more than adequate for my needs (which are relative large and complex) eliminating the need for Things. This has not always been the case but recent updates have made Notes and Reminders much better.

They may be for your needs, I’ll certainly not argue that but it could be (I’m not saying it is) that you have not explored the default apps sufficiently. I know that I’ve been guilty of this. Here is a useful video outlining some of the more “advanced” features of Reminders.

You may also appreciate this perspective on Apple Notes.

Just passing this along for what’s worth, I’m not arguing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not sure that reply was for me…

… but I’m glad you copied me in. I learned several things from that video on Reminders! (I didn’t know you could create a reminder from a note directly…)

Ooops, you are right. I intended to respond to @NiKoBeaR but I’m glad you got something out of my misdirected reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

As to Reminders, this is one reason I use Notes and Reminders–they work very well together. I can connect the two without having both notes and my todos in the same app.

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By the way, in Apple Notes, using Cmd+Option+F brings this up where one has several options for locating notes with specific characteristics.


This thread is interesting. I’ve been pondering this because I’ve been trying to eliminate the subscriptions that I have (which to be honest isn’t many since I hate them but there are a few apps I consider “essential”). My main switch here would be away from Todoist and back to Reminders. The only reason I’ve not tried it is because moving my tasks to Reminders just seems like such an unnecessary amount of work (time that could be spent… doing some of those never-ending tasks :upside_down_face:). I wonder how many of us just stick with the apps we use because moving seems like such a big job. However, my pondering about how I’m using third party apps like Todoist has prompted me to try and streamline how I actually use them so I get the most value I can. It might improve my life, and if it doesn’t it would at least make it easier to then switch to Reminders!


TurboTax does not give me joy, but it keeps me out of jail.


So true.

Guess I won’t be touching PowerPoint either, once I retire sometime in the future :slight_smile: