A Real Disney Fan! “… World Record: at Disneyland every single day—for 8 years”

I just had to post this given @MacSparky’s love for all things Disney. :slightly_smiling_face:

‘It started as a joke.’ Then man ends up at Disneyland every single day — for 8 years

Read more at: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/nation-world/national/article272616024.html#storylink=cpy


Interesting, and if it is true, I would love to have done that, too!

But how was he doing so, given that even the “Annual Passports” have certain restrictions and Block Out Days, specially if you live within the SoCal Area?

I have no idea. :man_shrugging: I’ve only been to Disney once—when I took my young children so I don’t know what is or is not available. I don’t plan to go again; I’m not a big fan of large crowds, long lines, traffic, and high food prices. I’m really not a grinch! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you plan your trip ahead, and avoid overcrowded days, it is great there!

Yes, I suspect a hot and humid Monday in August would do the trick! :hot_face:

Even at a Day ike you mentioned, there is A/C all over the place… :grinning:

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I’m not familiar with this guy … but before COVID there was this old asian guy that was there nearly every day. He was so well known because he would walk around and exhuberantly say “HELLO” to all the cast members and anyone else that’d make eye contact. 25 years from how, that could totally be me.

He became a legend for the cast members, who all loved his greetings. I don’t think he’s been coming since COVID. I hope he’s alright.


I’m jealous — Disneyland is my happy place! And I’m pretty sure their top-end annual passports don’t have blackout days, but I could be wrong on that. Either way, cool!

But could you get them, if you live in SoCal?

They don’t prohibit certain types of passes just because you live in Southern California. For a time (not sure if they still do), they did offer a Southern Californian pass that was cheaper and much more limited that you could only get if you lived in the region. But you could still get whatever pass you wanted if you desired a higher level.