A Setup Four Years in the Making

Been slowly building out my setup. Still have some things I’d like to do, but I’m happy and feel so blessed to have things where they are. Happy to answer questions; but just wanted to share :slight_smile:


Nice setup!
Need deets on the keyboard and headphones :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks!

Keyboard was the latest addition! Air75 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (I completely blame Myke Hurley for this … I resisted for a few years of hearing him talking … but I’ve finally got a “clicky” keyboard and I’m really loving it). I’ve got an Apple extended keyboard I use as well, but I like this new keyboard for long-form typing.

The headphones are an old pair of Logitech UE headphones my brother gave to me. They’re not great, but it’s helpful for editing audio without lag. :slight_smile:

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Very nice…

How is the battery life on that keyboard?

Also, your blog is very cool.

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Thanks! Battery seems decent so far. Just had it a few days. There are some helpful comments on their website about battery that will give you a good sense of how it’s been for several users as well.

Thanks on the blog! I’ve got a redesign in the works actually (mostly just finally getting around to cleaning up the code significantly and adding some fun functionality). Stay tuned :eyes::blush:

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Very cool setup.

I wonder what the time is though….:joy:

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What monitors are you rocking?

:joy: :joy: :joy:

I never am sure! lol

I own the one on the right (24" Dell U2414H) and my work sent me the 4k on the left (27" Dell U2718Q).