A subscription that can save your life

I contacted Apple recently about making the Apple Watch compatible with, that can be paired with an iPad, an ipod. As it is, you need an iPhone.

Since Apple employs a lot of bright people, I’m certain it can be done.

I worry about falling. I have osteoporosis which is main reason I’d like to buy the watch (until tonight). It’s happened 2x. Fortunately my apt door was unlocked & my friend heard me.

2 years ago, I was beat up by a lunatic neighbor. It occurred not 20 ft from my door. If I had had the watch and this app… It took the landlady months to evict her.

Tonight I came across an app that can make the difference between life & death. $3 per month! The company will call the police if you do not enter your password. It has other features as well.

I cannot afford both a Apple Watch & an iPhone. I’ve been a loyal customer for decades.

I know Apple cares about their customers.

David, you know the people at Apple, maybe you could mention to them.

As it is, I emailed every person in my Contacts!


Please check out this app!!