A Tip for Writing without Distraction

For those who do a good bit of writing for proposals, blogs, research, speeches, books, etc., I thought this little tip might be helpful.

I love MLB (and SEC football) so my MBP desktop is of Bush Stadium in STL. However, although an attractive desktop (for Cardinals fans!), it is distracting when writing. To solve this “problem” I created a second desktop and changed the background color to match Ulysses’s dark mode. I do all of my writing in Ulysses using Markdown.

Perhaps this little tip will be helpful to you.



I do something similar using HazeOver with the opacity cranked all the way up. It leaves the window I’m working in visible, but blacks out everything else.


for me the best is find a coffee shop that DOES NOT HAVE WIFI so that I tether. Then since i have limited mobile data i am much more focused on only using it for work.

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I’ve tried all the tricks and the only thing that works is just to do it.