A Video App with Markers or Pause Points, Does it Exist?

I would love to know if anyone knows of an app where I could play and pause video at specific timestamps or predefined points? Embedding video into Keynote is kludgy, not not very reliable.

What I want is a video player that has the ability to set markers and jump between them with keyboard shortcuts.

Does this exist?

Not exactly what you’re asking for, but I know @macsparky has talked about doing something similar by splitting the video up into different segments and putting one segment on each slide.

What @ChrisUpchurch said.

If you know where your pauses will be. Just split the video in advance so it stops during the presentation. I do this and even add Keynote animations after the video stops.

With this system, things never go FUBAR.

I have a video in Final Cut Pro that has 80 different stops. If there was a way to automate those each as separate videos and put them into slides in the right order, that would work, but no way am I doing that manually.

This is why I have just been using Final Cut Pro as a video-based teaching tool, and use markers as my stopping points. It’s not ideal, but works for now.