A weird AirPods bug in the Melbourne CBD

Hey folks,

I live in Melbourne, Australia and work in the Central Business District (up around Lonsdale and Elizabeth Streets). I have noticed that when I am at standing at intersections in the Northern part of CBD my AirPods will intermittently drop out.

It’s so weird! It doesn’t happen in the Southern part of the CBD, nor anywhere else…just at intersections around Lonsdale Street.

Melbourne folks – have any of you experienced anything similar or have I finally gone crazy?

Hi Dean
You’re not crazy. I have recently bought some Apple Beats X and not only are they crap but they have all sorts of issues once I’m in the CBD. I suspected all the Tram overhead lines to be the culprit. However, not pleased with the Beats I invested in a pair of Plantronics Sport BackBeat Fit headphones which are much better … until I get into the CBD and then they are totally unusable. However, for me it the whole CBD especially Collins Street. So I guess something up at Lonsdale is a little more disruptive. (???)
Cheers, Russell.

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This may just be the “crowded area of people using Bluetooth” phenomena. If lots of people all try to use Bluetooth (headphones) in the same space you’ll get lots of droupouts and interference. Myke Hurley noted this on I think Connected last summer after visiting New York. Alternatively there may be something else there causing interference - but there’s not a lot that can be done either way.

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I figured it might be Bluetooth overcrowding…especially because it only seems to happen at intersections while waiting for the lights to change,

Then again…if it was Bluetooth over-crowding…wouldn’t it happen far more on trains where EVERYBODY is using phones and bluetooth headphones?

I agree. Walking across the Esplanade East park down here at Port Melbourne I note that there is a spot on the oval nowhere near a power line, away from trees and anything metal, and… being the only person on the entire oval and park, my Plantronics start to crackle and loose connectivity. That now indicates to me that Plantronics Backbeat Fit’s are not the best headphones.