Abandon Safari 12 for Chrome

I’ve given up on Safari 12 on macOS and moved over to Chrome nearly 100% of the time. Safari trashed the way AdBlock Pro (and other extensions) works and we no longer can block elements on a page that AdBlock misses on its own. At least so far Chrome still supports a fully-functional AdBlock.

Adblock Pro or Adblock Plus? I’m not familiar with Adblock Pro for Safari. But I avoid Adblock Plus because they’ve been taking money from advertisers to unblock their ads. I want an ad blocker that actually blocks ads. And if their motivation is to make money they could try to monetize my browsing data too.

I highly recommend uBlock Origin for Safari. There are also uBlock Origin plugins for Firefox and Chrome. (Be aware that uBlock without “Origin” is a different plugin.)

uBlock Origin is more than an ad blocker. It also blocks trackers and malware.

For more advanced users, there is a plugin for Firefox and Chrome called uMatrix which has much more granular controls.

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Chrome is developed and owned by google, so if you ditched safari to avoid being tracked, your choice maybe isn’t the best :wink:

I’ve gone with Firefox with DuckDuckGo Essentials, Disconnect and Ghostery. Sprinkle on httpseverywhere and you’re 9,5 out of 10.

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Sadly, I too am abandoning Safari (for Firefox) after years of using it as my primary browser. I respect what Apple’s trying to do with security, but I think the requirement to package extensions as apps is a mistake.

Too many of my favorite extensions (Ublock Origin & Zotero connector, especially) won’t be ported to Safari 12. A shame.

While Safari 12 turns off 32 bit extensions by default, all you have to do to get them back is to go into Safari preferences and click a checkbox by the extension.