ABBYY FineReader

Just a heads up. ABBYY FineReader has been updated for Big Sur.

I’ve been using it for scanning for a long time, and I have been beta testing since last year.

It’s also had a facelift on iOS. It’s my go to for OCR, I’ve not found anything better (and I have a Creative Cloud subscription that includes Acrobat, which many claim is the best).

ABBYY have really nailed it recently with improvements in their algorithms and the software is well designed (IMHO).


How do you know it has M1 support? I see nothing on the website about this, including this PDF. Is it really a universal app, or just using rosetta emulation mode?

So I bought this and can confirm that it is NOT a universal app, but just offers support via rosetta emulation mode…

I’ve not tried the version on their website, I’m using their current beta which is a universal app.

They have just updated the public version, and I presumed that it would be with the universal app, they must be rolling out the public M1 version later - sorry for not spotting this.

I was invited into the beta program when Big Sur came out.

EDIT: I’ve updated the original post so no one else makes this mistake.

@Rob_Polding How is the new version’s support for automation? E.g.

  1. “Hot folders”
  2. AppleScript
  3. Automator actions
  4. Anything else?
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I’ve never used it for automation, so I can’t say. I mainly use it for scanning and occasionally when I get a document without OCR. But I always just open the app. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Continued support for AppleScript or some other way to automate the application is important (to me at least), as that’s about the only way I use FineReader.