Accessing photos from flash drive– iPad

I’m trying to access photos from 3 older flash drives.

I have a new iPad Air and a year old iPad mini.

I bought a compatible adapter with the guidance of an AppleCare rep. Unable to open the flash drives, another representative said I’d be able to do so with OS13.

Well, no such luck! I get an error message that the accessory requires too much power.

I called AppleCare and the two reps were of no help whatsoever. The supervisor told me to get another flash drive! Duh.

Now I just saw a video on YouTube in which the guy just plugged an adapter and flash drive in to an iPad and voila! So I know it can be done.

I don’t know anyone who has a computer. I know I could email them to myself at the library but I’ll be there til June!


When I connect my Compact Flash card reader to my older (Lightning) iPad Pro via the USB3 (camera?) to Lightning adapter, I get the same error unless I plug in power from something that can deliver more than 1 amp current (wall outlet with iPad charger works best).

Basically, the USB device is trying to draw more current than the iPad wants to supply.

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As recommended here by someone else, this works with all my thumb drives, and most of my non NTFS external hard drives.


Thanks so much, Joe!

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I so appreciate your help, Ricky!

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