Accessing two old external hard drives. One success

I have been trying to access two external hard drives for the photos in Time Machine.

The smaller hard drive I did get into. I used an adaptor.

The larger one, presumably older, I cannot access. There is a cord which goes to an outlet. There is missing a cord that goes from the hard drive to the computer. Can you tell me what it is called?

Where can I find one?

That’s a USB cable socket. I forget if it’s formally called USB-B or not, but it’s almost exclusively used for the device end of cables meant to attach a device (e.g., a hard drive) to a computer. The other end is always (as far as I can tell) standard USB-A (the ubiquitous USB cable that was standard before USB-C came along). These device cables are/were quite common — I have a shoebox full of them.

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Thanks! But I’m going to need an adapter to hook it up to the computer too. The one I used with the newer hard drive should work, right?

To follow on @tf2 , you may have luck finding the specific USB cable if you have a scanner or printer from that time period when this port was used. If you don’t have one around, you may have success asking at a second hand computer repair shop.

The other end of such a cable is the typical USB-A. If you have only USB-C on your current computer, you will need a USB-C male to USB-A/B female adaptor or cable.



LOL! Thank YOU very much!

Honestly, hit any thrift shot or secondhand shop. They probably have a non with dozens of cables. Or if there’s a neighborhood email list in your area, try that. People will be happy to get rid of (or at least lend you) a cable.

Thank you so much! :wink:

Actually I just went ahead and bought the cables from Amazon.

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Who Iomega! long time since I have seen that brand.

Zip and Jaz drives anyone?

USB B cable is missing I’d say. these are still available…


You are funny! LOL!. I think it was a pretty good brand. I look for sales but I never buy anything cheap.

I do have a B-C adapter or vice versa. I just went ahead and ordered from the links provided by Dr J.

Reminds me of going to the hardware store and never, ok…rarely, knowing the name of the item I was seeking.

“I need a thing-a-ma-jigger that is used to ______ and it looks kinda like a what-a-ma-callit.”

The guys always understood. Hardware stores are rather fascinating for the likes of me. So many items I scarcely understand. Now there are too many chains. Forced the little guy out.