Adapter for Thunderbolt Display to modern M1 Mac

I have an A1407 27" Thunderbolt display and I want to connect it to a M1 MacBook Pro. I see an Apple Thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapter (A1790, I think) at $50, wondering is there is something less pricey out there that does the job. Anyone know?

And while I am asking, can I use the magsafe power cable on the monitor to power the M1 with the newer magsafe?

This is kind of cable is one for which I wouldn’t go for anything cheaper, especially if you’re going to use it to connect a display.

The new magsafe on the ARM based Macs isn’t compatible with any of the older variants.

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Agreed. Go with the Apple branded cable here.

As an aside, the Apple cable is also bidirectional (you can connect ab TB 1/2 device to a TB 3 port or a TB 3 device to a TB 1/2 port. Other similar cables are not.