Add post types to Wordpress theme

Not sure if this belongs in software or tech support…but I have a blog in Wordpress, a theme that I like that’s on the Genesis Framework, and I want to alter it to support post types. I don’t need all of them but would like link posts and to be able to post without titles…I think it’s called an “aside” in Wordpress lingo.

Anyone know how to do that without becoming an expert in html/css? Or know someone I can hire to do it?

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What do you mean by “link post”?

This seems like a bad idea to me from a semantic standpoint, but there used to be a Genesis plugin that would allow hiding titles on a per-page basis. Can’t remember what it was called at the moment.

In general, if you’re trying to do these things you’ll either need to find somewhere in your theme where it allows it, or you’ll have to come up with a plug-in that allows it.

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This plugin might help you:

Note that one of the users is @ismh. Or was.

As for untitled posts: I’ve never found a satisfactory solution. Lately I just use daily digests of links, memes and found photos, and brief text posts.

And now I see Wordpress messed up today’s digest after I tried to correct a typo. Literally changing one character!

I think sometimes that Wordpress is simply unsuited to personal blogging anymore.


Don’t let the date of the plugin’s last update (11 years ago) necessarily scare you off. I’m using it on my site, and although I haven’t posted in an update in a couple of years, that plugin worked just fine the last time I used it. It did take some hacking of my theme, though, if I recall, to get it working.

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