Added to shopping list for iPhone Pro 13 Twelve South SurfacePad

I’m holding out for the iPhone 13 before upgrading from my iPhone X. When I purchase the 13 I may well purchase this case. I want the wireless charging capability for when I’m in my car and I like to have 1-3 cards with my iPhone to avoid carrying a wallet. This case looks promising.

I got the email from them today about this product. I saw the name SurfacePad and thought of two different products. I was surprised to see the product was for the iPhone. :slight_smile:


I love the MagSafe wallet that Apple makes. I prefer being able to rip it off then I don’t have to get my phone out all the time when I need a card.

I wouldn’t go back to a folio style.

That is certainly a consideration. I’m currently using the Spigen Slim Armor CS on my iPhone X. I like it but it is a bit thick.

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