Adding image/icon to keyboard (text replacement?)

When I still had a MacBook I created a native text replacement with “apple = ” which works great on iOS as well.

Now I’d like to push this further and be able to insert a logo with either a text replacement, or if possible adding it to the system font maybe, or choose another system-wide font with this included… if that’s possible.

I run SwiftKey 99% of the time, so maybe through their Clipboard feature…?

But I need to know how to convert the image to vector and then add it to the font/text system-wide.

I tried creating a custom font and it does work, but only in apps that support 3rd party fonts, which doesn’t include iMessage, and so on.

Any thoughts or ideas? :slight_smile:

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Works on iOS as well.

Just to be safe I have text replacement set to replace any time I type “symapple” with “” and of course “xllap” with🖖

No idea if this could do other logos as well.

“…even if you could expand the system font (and I doubt that you can, especially on iOS) - it wouldn’t work for anyone else, who would be unable to see anything you added on their own devices.”

Hmm… hadn’t actual considered that part :thinking:
So, it should be inserted as an image to ensure visibility for recipients :thinking:

Do text-to-smiley work on iOS, too, for you?
I can’t seem to insert a smiley in replacement field on iOS!?!

I copy pasted the smileys from a notes document, but using the keyboard works for me too.

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Nice :smiley:
I’ll have to try again, then