Adding Internet Radio stations to Catalina's Music application

I knew I’d lose our Internet radio playlists with Catalina. What I am curious about, from the tech savvy here, is how I can set that up again. I look forward to hearing from a few of you!


I gave up on Apple-curated stations in favor of some iOS apps, like TuneIn Radio Pro, RadioApp, Radio FM, and Jazz Radio.

If you have a n Apple Music subscription you can now search for and stream 100,000+ worldwide radio stations through it, with streams provided by TuneIn and a couple of other services.

If you go to an Internet station by having the Music app open the Stream then you can add it to a playlist just as you do with the song. if on the other hand you get to the station by typing it in the search box then the link that you’re able to copy apparently is not useful for doing much with. Correct me if I’m wrong.