Adobe CC issues on VPN

Hi all - Does anyone else here experience issues using Adobe CC on MacBook Pro’s when behind a VPN? We are seeing file syncing issues and I am trying to determine if the issue is on our network side or just yet another Adobe shortcoming. Thanks!

Can you put your MBP on a network that is not using a VPN. Does it work then? (As much as I dislike some things about Adobe software, I’m reluctant to put the blame on them in this case.)

Yes - It works when they’re off the VPN. Unfortunately all our other business apps are behind said VPN.

What kinds of issues are you having? Slowness, failure to connect, something else?

Do you have any control over your VPN configuration (protocol, client?)

Any chance it’s related to ipv4 vs ipv6 support?

Work VPN or consumer VPN?

Work VPN. when you ask about IPv6 that rang a bell. Our endpoints are IPv4, does MacOS use IPv6 on a VPN? No I cannot adjust our VPN and I’m not sure whether I can ask for an adjustment beyond some sort of an exception for each Mac. There are only 4 so that’s good.

Macs don’t default to IPv6 for VPNs, so unless someone has configured things that way it’s probably not anything to do with v6. Your VPN client should be able to tell you the address that your end of the VPN session has been assigned.

I assume it’s not a split tunnel (where only your work traffic goes through the VPN)?

A few things come to mind:

  1. Your workplace may be blocking access to CC.

  2. Your workplace may be blocking access to CC through the VPN due to capacity.

  3. Longer shot: Some property of the VPN tunnel may interfere with CC traffic. I’ve seen this more with IPSEC site to site tunnels where the VPN overhead reduces the effective MTU but fragmentation isn’t configured correctly.

I’d ask your IT folks if this is by design as a first step.

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