Adopted a puppy! Any cool tech that can help?

We’re adopting a puppy in two weeks. Getting everything set at the house now. Does anyone have any recommendations for some cool stuff…especially if it’s tech?

Most dogs are endlessly fascinated by the toys that move a red laser dot around the room. Just be careful where you point it. We have to limit laser time for our dog because (like most German Shepherds) he becomes obsessed by it. But it’s good fun, sort of technical.

Off topic – if you can afford insurance, get it now. Our guy had emergency surgery recently, $6,800, of which the insurance paid 95%. (He recovered fully.). Vet costs are extraordinary and in many cases unavoidable.


I’ve fostered rescue and shelter dogs for almost 20 years. About as low/no-tech as you can get.


Be sure to send a picture! :slight_smile:

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Mazel Tov! May you have much joy with your new puppy, and not too much aggravation. Although I’m afraid puppies and aggravation go together.

These things are great. Best $6.50 I ever spent.

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She’s a bit … different … than most golden doodles


Get one of those iPhone gimbals. It’ll really help you when you’re taking videos.
Also, a Circle 2 or something like it for crate/home alone training.

Microchip or GPS pet tracker

Vet monitor app


Hybrid or electric car so the dog can go along and stay in the car with the AC running. Our Prius Prime can run the AC for more than an hour from battery alone.

Invisible fencing works great if you can’t put in regular fencing due to covenants or other reasons.

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Disney+ and use it to binge the dog whisperer :slight_smile:

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