Advantage to indexing work Google Drive in DEVONthink?

I use DT a lot for personal purposes and find it effective, though the iOS app needs work. I’m considering using DT to index, not import, my work G-suite drive. But frankly, I’m not sure if there would be an advantage in doing so.

Those of you who use DT, do you do this and if so, what is the advantage, if any?

I only index the research part of my work folders, which includes all my current research and writing projects, not other parts such as teaching.

It is useful because I can then use the offline files feature on iOS and the search, which is 100X better than Spotlight on iOS. On the Mac, it means I can use the searching and intelligent suggestions in DT when writing papers.

I did once try indexing all my slides when I first got DT but found no practical reason to have them in there.

At one time I used DT to index a large amount of files on a Windows Server network share, so I’m very familiar with it’s capabilities as of a few years ago. But I also see no advantage to indexing Google Drive with DEVONthink

Google’s search of Drive via the browser or on IOS allows me to find my files almost instantly. And if you sync the files to your Mac, you also have Spotlight.

Can you search the contents of Google Drive files (.gdoc, .gsheet, etc.) via Devonthink? If so, an advantage would be searching across all files and not hoping over to Drive to see what’s in it vs in your other storage. Also, DT gives you the option to run logic on a given file (for finding related articles, duplicates, and classifying/grouping) that Drive does not offer.

I haven’t used DT since I retired, but as of one year ago it doesn’t appear possible.



Just tested this again with the latest release of DEVONthink v3.x. No joy.

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Looks like I should’ve tried it before asking my question. :slight_smile: I could sync Google Drive directly to my Mac and an index from the Mack. But based on what I’m hearing thus far, I’m not sure there’s a great deal of value in doing so.