Advice - 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator

I’m die hard Apple guy, my email is even a! I am also totally excited about the release of 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator. You probably already know my dilemma, 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator needs some hard core PC specs. I really do not want to buy a PC and I am not a gamer. I haven’t bought a new Mac in a long time. So I’m thinking about options, but need help.

Right now I am leaning toward a MacMin with an eGPU.

Since I am not a PC guy, the graphics card choices confuse me so I am not 100% sure what card I would need. I don’t know if any of the current iMac’s have a comparable graphics card.

If anyone has an ideas, I would appreciate it.

Thank you!!

For Bootcamp and gaming you’re better off with an Nvidia card. The latest and greatest is the 2080Ti. This and a Razor Core X and you’ll be fine running any game. Check the requirements because you may be fine with a less powerful (and cheaper) card. Once set up, they are plug and play.

However, Nvidia cards do not work with MacOS, for that an AMD card is the only option. For Bootcamp, AMD cards are tough to get running because you get the Error 12 which takes a bit of messing around to get working. You have to use a specific version of Windows and there can be issues with updates.

An interesting twist:

What about an XBOX? Or do you prefer keyboard and mouse to play? Mac mini + eGPU vs. XBOX Series X? :thinking:

There’s also the streaming services. I can never remember what Xbox’ service is called, but it probably has a lot of X’es in it. Then there’s Geforce Now, which I’m using whenever I remember that I subscribe to it.

I run an AMD RX580 on an egpu for both OS X and bootcamp. The summer windows update has largely sorted the previous issues that the AMD cards had and it all runs fine. I would say bootcamp over any kind of virtualisation in OS X to give it as much power as possible.

I don’t know the spec needed for the flight sim, the 2080 is a great card, you could probably manage with a cheaper one though. I don’t know loads about them but I have read that there is a revision of cards due in Q3 which should see prices lowered on the 2080 and the AMD equivalent 5700 (?) so spending a lot on it now may be counter productive. I would do some research on that though it’s just a few comments I have read of late that suggest it.

XCloud you mean? If it available in your region of the world. :wink:

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You should really check the cost and performance you would get out of an x-box. Mac mini and eGPU sounds much more expensive.

+1 for getting the Xbox Series X (not to be confused with the Xbox One X, gosh these names!) once it is out later this year.