Advice: How much memory for a Mac Mini M1?

Consider me clueless :yum:

I’ve been asked to put together a complete Mac Mini setup by an elderly relative and I need to set up something that always work (yeah, yeah, I know), among other things, with Zoom … but I assume that there will be some older non-Apple Silicon apps that he wants to run also.

My question is: how much memory should the machine have 8/16GB? From what I’ve read 8GB work pretty well but I haven’t been paying attention to details (it’s not time for me buying something new for the next 4-5 years).

What are your recommendations? 8? 16? Is there something else I should be aware of?

8 GB are not bad. 16 GB are better. :wink:

Useful topics:

In that topic particularly:

There are also opinions that mention that 8 GB are good enough:

Long story short: the new M1 SoC seem to be that fast that a shortage of memory is not as problematic as it has been before. But then again:

8gb is fine for most folks’ regular usage. I got 16gb for my Mini because I use VMs and do some video editing.

Unless your “client” is going to go heavily into video/audio/image editing, 8GB will be fine.

That said, no one ever complained that they had too much memory …

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Thanks, if it had been mine I would order the 16GB but it’s not … and the intended user is 89+ so I doubt that any serious gaming or video editing will be done :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Never underestimate the elderly… :wink: But you should be fine with 8 GB. :slight_smile:

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