Advice on What Video Conference Hardware to Buy

I am sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere in the forums, but I could not find exactly what I’m looking for when searching through posts.

I am an attorney, and we use three conference rooms for large meetings of 4-10 attorneys/clients, but with COVID-19 we are having large meetings and depositions via video calls. This is hard to do on my Mac with everyone in my office being on a different computer logging into the same feed or having calls with multiple clients in different locations.

I’m looking to have a large TV in each conference room and each would have a web-cam device attached or integrated as well as a conference room speaker for audio. I’m not partial to where the speaker or camera are located, but I would like to have the camera view our conference room in full or at least a majority of those present around the long, rectangular table, and of course we want the audio clear. We also want to all be able to see everyone on the other end on the large TV display.

When not using it for conferencing, I’d like to be able to use it to mirror screens to show clients maps, documents, etc., and we could even use it to show a calendar as to who has “booked” the room for certain time-slots.

We use Google Meet, Ringcentral and Zoom as our primary methods for calls, so all of this would need to integrate with at least one of these and be able to access the internet obviously.

How do I set this up? Are there all in one devices to do this, do I need computer/PC running to the TV to act as a hub, how have others set these up with all of the cables, etc.?

Help me please, and thank you in advance!!